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One alumnus, one job
One Alum. One Job

Career Support for HSUHK Graduates and Students

HSUHK would like to appeal to all alumni for your support in the initiative “One Alum, One Job”, where alumni are encouraged to refer career support opportunities to our graduates and students, including but not limited to graduate job openings, internships and mentorships.

Distinctive Features


A strong pool of commendable HSUHK graduates

  • HSUHK graduates and students have good understanding of business knowledge and communication skills through well-rounded academic training and experiential learning alongside their course of study powered by the University’s Liberal + Professional Education Model.

  • HSUHK graduates and students are commended for their good work attitude and teamwork, being reliable and striving to perform to prove themselves as valuable assets to the employers.


Benefits to employers

Handy talent pool for potential future review

  • Employers can build a talent pool of preferred backgrounds in terms of graduates’ disciplines for current and future recruitment.

Reduced recruitment costs (time and finance)

  • HSUHK will pre-screen candidates and provide nominations, which helps to facilitate employers’ recruitment process.

Support from HSUHK

  • HSUHK will provide training and workshops to enhance candidates’ competencies in building employers’ professional pipeline.

  • Student performance facilitation – HSUHK will provide advice and emotional support to students during internships as well as facilitate their communication with employers.

Act now!


To maximise the impact of the scheme, you are invited to take part in any way that best suits you. We sincerely call for your participation by:

  • providing career support for HSUHK graduates/students if you are running your own business;

  • encouraging your organisation to provide career support for HSUHK graduates and students; or

  • disseminating the information to the Human Resources Department of your organisation and to your friends who are recruiting young talents.

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